Today I heard that President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.  I had to pause for a moment, scanning my mental news logs, trying to come up with the great thing he had done to promote World Peace that earned him this coveted award.  I got zip.  Zero.  Zilch, Nada, nothing.  The Big Goose Egg.  OK, you get the point.  For the life of me, I couldn’t think what he had done and it seems a lot of others feel the same way.  Sure, the guy is charismatic as hell, and the mere fact he was given the award is a great honor, both for him and for all Americans.  


But, wouldn’t it have been nicer, to put it in economic terms that anyone struggling in today’s economy can recognize, to have paid cash for the Nobel instead of plunking down a credit card?  I’ve heard the Talking Heads on CNN and Fox News pontificate from both the left and right sides of their…well, mouths, let’s say.  Not the orifice I usually think they are talking out of, but we’ll be nice today.  They are saying he was given the prize on spec, on credit, for the potential that he has shown already.  Fox trots out their stale “Apology Tour” from when President Obama made his trips around the world, essentially repairing, to the best of his ability, the damage that President G. W. Bush did to America’s diplomatic reputation among our supposed allies.  I think it was something that had to be done, too.  And this is coming from someone who has no problem with a Pax Americana imposed by force.  But it’s nice to have a few friends to ooh and ah at how cool we Americans are, rather than spitting in disgust everytime our President bumbled his way through a public address.  Personally, just having a guy in the White House who didn’t use “uh” or “um”  as his most frequent words has given me  a warm and fuzzy feeling.  And no more fearfully looking at TV cameras like they were some weird magic boxes that would steal his soul.  OK, I’ll give him a pass on the feeling of being chased by the White House Press Pool was like being run down by cannibals who wanted to eat him alive.  That was just a fact.


But, I can’t help but coming back to one thing.   The fact that the deadline for the Nobel prizes is February 1st. That is just about two weeks after President Obama was inaugurated.  This narrow, slim, miniscule, almost nano-scale window of opportunity to have put his imprint on the world and made it a better, more peaceful place, seems to trivialize the prize even more, at least in my mind.


I don’t think that President Obama did the deeds necessary to earn this award.  Not yet.  I think that yes, he does indeed have the potential to earn it in the future.  Maybe even have the path mapped out to the Nobel Peace Prize for bringing the Israelis and the Palestinians together in peace, love, and harmony over a bowl of humus and espressos.  But it just seems odd to give the Nobel Peace Prize to a President who is currently prosecuting a war in Afghanistan—admittedly not of his initiation, but still, he’s fighting it.—and trying to peacefully withdraw our troops from Iraq.  The juxtaposition of events is a bit disconcerting.  Add in the credit the Nobel committee extended for deeds as yet undone, and it just makes me a bit dizzy.  


Oh, and NASA crashed a probe into the moon this morning!  Very cool!  And, even more extraordinary, it was intentional!  None of this confusion over meters versus feet like with that Mars probe several years ago.  But, sorry, NASA, I forgot.  We agreed that was never to be spoken of again.  These are not the craters you are looking for… waving hand in a Jedi mind control sort of way*  

Mums the word.  No more nasty cracks about cratering multi-million dollar payloads.  Unless it’s on purpose, then we do press conferences! Yay!!!


So, if you feel a bit of a whipsaw effect today when you watch the news, or even while reading this, welll…yeah, it’s my fault.