The Christian God has staked his claim to certain souls since the time of Abraham.  I’m no biblical scholar, but there were certain ritual some had to follow to appease the God of the Old Testament.  And this was not some sissy God, either, oh no!  He was a hellfire and damnation God!  If one of this God’s angels showed up, a city was going to burn or something equally bad for the urban landscape of the time.  After Jesus made his sacrifice, the rules changed though.  Jesus brought a different covenant to the world.  Love thy neighbor.  Do good works.  Feed the poor, heal the sick, house the homeless.  That sort of ting.  All you had to do was accept him.  The process wasn’t’ even complicated and didn’t even involve putting an offspring on an altar, hefting your knife up and flashing down to play chicken with God, or stepping into a Lion’s Den, or anything else that smacks of MTV’s Jackass show. 

So, God, either with version 1.0 or 2.0, has got a claim on a certain percentage of the souls available.  I won’t even mention the fact of the buhjillions of souls that were essentially put outside the system through poor communications, marketing, and a rather late product delivery in regards to Human history.

Then, there is Satan.  Sort of God’s subcontractor in the soul harvesting business.  He has a contract to take the bad souls that do not meet God’s criteria.  OK, not an especially nice option, but you are sort of stuck with the whole binary solution set if you totally buy into the ethos involved.

But, What struck me was this, aren’t there lots of souls out there who led good lives, but didn’t meet God’s criteria?  Either through no fault of their own, or by following a different cultural path that did not include Christianity?  OK, now I am going to make an assumption here.  These good souls are not eligible for collection by Satan due to their essential goodness.  I mean, he’s supposed to be a merciful God, right?  And if you cannot trust God to be fair, who can you trust?  It sure wouldn’t be fair for a Good soul to end up in Satan’s power  for trivial details.  I hear some of you out there saying, “well, the Devil is in the details!” and as we all know, the lawyers are all staffing Hell’s Law Offices.  But I’m willing to give God the benefit of the doubt and assume that he is not a total dick.

So, where do these “Gap Souls” go?  Are there gods that want these souls?  Gods that operate in the shadows, filling the niches left between the Big Boys in the Heavenly and Hellish markets for souls?  That is my idea.  Gods that are more flexible about thins, either Good or Evil.  Gods that are small, not up to the Big Picture things, but handling the little things and the smaller markets.

Who are these gods and what are they like?